• Acrylic & Ecoresin – We can cut, route, sandblast, engrave, print on, edge polish and paint acrylic, making it one of our most versatile materials. Acrylics can be solid colors, translucent or transparent, and even have objects embedded in them such as bamboo. Check out some of the options by following the links below:
  • Solid Surface - Solid surface is a man-made material usually composed of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic or polyester resins and pigments. We can sandblast, route, engrave and do edge treatments on solid surface materials. 
  • Aluminum - We can fabricate can signs, channel letters and any number of custom shapes. We can paint, cut, form and weld aluminum for a wide array of signage applications.

  • Marble, Tile & Granite - We can cut, sandblast and add simple edge treatments to marble, granite and tile.

  • Adhesive Vinyl - We digitally cut adhesive vinyl for a number of applications ranging from glass doors and vehicle lettering to images applied to painted aluminum signs both interior and exterior. (Click here for Colors)

  • Wood - We can cut, route, sand, paint, laminate and sandblast wood for just about any application. And, of course, make sign posts.

  • Photopolymer and Phenolic - We can manufacture photopolymer and phenolic signs in-house.

  • Glass - We can cut and etch glass, as well as 2nd surface print directly on glass.

  • Brass - We can engrave and cut brass to create things such as raised letters.
All computer monitors display colors differently. Colors shown are approximate.