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Our Capabilities

Computer Generated Artwork

Our talented team of graphic designers will help design your signs. Whether you have detailed plans or a scribble on a napkin, we can help you make use of our cutting-edge technology to produce state-of-the-art signage. Our artists can handle everything from room numbers to custom outdoor illuminated signs and ballroom showpiece light fixtures.

High Resolution Large Format Digital Printing

Oce Printer Flatbed Large Format Printer SignsOur 48x96 Flatbed OCE printer allows us to print on rigid materials such as acrylic, coroplast, gatorboard, solid surface and more. Our Roland large format printer can print up to 54” wide, which allows us to print vinyl banners and wall coverings as well as posters.

Painting DepartmentCustom Paint Mix Spray Booth

We can do full spray and coating. Our spray room allows us to spray paint just about anything.

Custom Mix Paint and Ink

We can match paint samples, carpets or other design elements. We use Matthews paint for long-lasting durability.

Woodworking Drill Press Wood Signs CustomWoodworking Department

We have a standard woodworking department for sign fabrication.

Abrasive Bead Blasting

A full sandblasting booth allows us to sandblast wood, solid surface, glass, stone, marble, metals and more.

CNC Router Acrylic Cut Custom Sign Solid SurfaceTwo CNC Routing Tables

Multicam 3000 series 4ft by 8 ft routers with 6 tool changers capable of routing a large number of materials including solid surface, wood, and acrylic.

Laser Engraving with Photograph Capabilities

Our Epilog Laser Legend 24 EX allows us to engrave with photograph capabilities on materials such as Acrylic, Solid Surface, Anodized Metal and Glass.

Waterjet Cutting Router Metal Custom SignWaterjet Cutting Station

Our Multicam Waterjet is capable of cutting up to 24” thick materials.

Digital Vinyl Cutting

Cut vinyl has many applications, both interior and exterior, including metal and glass such as vehicle lettering and front door graphics. We have a Graphtec 7000-120 Digital Vinyl Cutter and a 3000-120 Digital Vinyl Cutter.

Wet Saw with Diamond BladeVinyl Cutter Plotter Cut Vinyl Lettering

Capable of cutting marble and tile.

Photopolymer Processing

Capable of manufacturing photopolymer signs.

Polishing Equipment

Edge Finisher EF-2000 polishes the edges of cut acrylic & solid surface.

Metal Forming Equipment

We can cut, bend and crease sheet metal with our metal break and shear.

MIG Weld aluminum signs exterior LED lights

Electric and Gas Welding

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welder

All computer monitors display colors differently. Colors shown are approximate.