Happening in Production This Week

Our production department has been busy this week with all kinds of special projects. We do much more than just architectural hotel signs. This week it is these beautiful curved aluminum signs with routed graphics filled in with paint. They are just gorgeous.


They have also made these great menus for Downtown Cafe. They are manufactured from acrylic and brushed aluminum laminate with silver standoffs. I love how our flatbed printer lets us print a fabulous gradient in the blue. This menu board was designed by one of our talented designers. Imagine what we can do for you!

It seems there is always something new and interesting being built in our production department. These really cool lit boxes for example — we can make these in any size or color, and if you check out the range of acrylics we can use, you’ll see you can get something similar in an almost endless array of colors and textures. We can even use clear acrylic and subsurface print anything you want on them! These make use of our vinyl cutter as the graphics are applied after production as cut vinyl. The boxes use low voltage LED lights, which even come in many colors to add a little interest. We can also manufacture them so that you can control the color of the lights inside.

All this and it’s only Tuesday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!